A tour of ScanGrader

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ScanGrader Structure

ScanGrader consists of five tabs, color-coded for easy visualization: Home (white), Classes (orange), Students (red), Tests (green) and Results (purple).

Home Tab

The Home Tab allows you to configure global settings (such as if you prefer to list the students by first name or last name), and to manage your subscription.

Classes Tab

You use the Classes Tab to organize your students in Classes. For each class you can select the students included in the class and the tests to be applied to the class.

Students Tab

The Students Tab is used to maintain information about the students, such as name and academic ID. You can add students one by one, filling a form, or import a batch of students from a file.

Tests Tab

In the Tests Tab you prepare the tests to apply to students. You also use the Tests Tab to print the answer sheets for the test and to scan the students answer sheets after the test is applied.

Results Tab

In the Results Tab you access the results of the tests. Besides the individual students' results, you have statistics, points distribution, item analysis and much more.

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