Grading made easy

Use your iPhone or iPad to grade multiple choice tests.

Large volumes, or prefer to use a scanner? Try Web ScanGrader.



ScanGrader is packed with useful features and tools to make grading easier.

Advanced Image Processing

ScanGrader delivers precise results, everytime, and can cope with shadows in image.

Flexible Answer Sheets

From 1 to 100 questions, custom labels, one or two sheets per page, three, four or five alternatives, pre-filled with students names, built directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Explore the Results

See statistics and a graph with points distribution for the test, do item analisys, assign grades to students depending on percentage of total points, direclty on your device.

Export the Results

Produce reports in PDF format with or without scanned images, export results in spreadsheet format for archiving or further processiing in your own or your school computing system.

Dark Mode

Elegant dark mode for iPhone and iPad.                  

Typeset your questions

You can even typeset your questions, with figures, in one or two columns, shuffling or not the alternatives for different versions of the test, by providing a spreadsheet with the questions.

iphone connected to ipad

Unlock the number of gradings with an Anual Subscription

Each time you use ScanGrader to grade a student answer sheet, that is counted as one 'grading'. Users without a subscription receive 50 free complimentary gradings each month (non cumulative). By subscribing to the Anual Subscription you get

  • An unlimited number of gradings for the duration of the subscription.

Anual Subscriptions are available as in-app purchases for only US$ 6.99.